Saturday, November 8, 2008

Which is better Slanket or Snuggie?

(Picture of the Slanket)

Can anyone out there help me? I saw an add for a blanket with sleeves that you can wear while reading or watching TV to stay warm while still having the use of your arms. Sounds great and I want to give one as a Christmas gift.

The problem is I have discovered two products. The Snuggie and The Slanket. The Slanket is much more expensive but I can't tell if it is just overpriced or if it is really that much better. To be honest, if it was for me, I'd try the Snuggie first, but since it is a gift, I want to be more careful.

They both come in red (the color I need), but the Slanket is about $44 and the shipping ranges from $10 to $11 which seems steep. The Snuggie is $20 with $8 shipping. Plus their site is offering two for the price of one and something else thrown in. This seems a bit scam-like to me. I can't buy it from my trusty Amazon either.

If I could see them in person and buy them in a store without shipping I would be happier. So please post a comment if you have any experience with either product. Thanks


Aliya's Older Sister said...

Just passing through and it may be a bit late for you, but I'm a Slanket owner. I absolutely love it. I actually saw the the Snuggie commercial for the first time about half an hour ago. I'm a bit skeptical because it is so cheap compared to the Slanket. I can tell you the Slanket is very comfy, well made, and thick. I've wrapped up in it on several cold evenings and have been kept quite toasty. If you order it from QVC right now, it has an introductory price of $29.96. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Hold on hold on hold on hold on a second. I am currently wrapped up in a comforter and my body is sufficiently warm and cozy. This comforter cost me nothing because it belongs to my friend. What do you have to say to a comforter thief like me? I think it was on sale at Wal-Mart (with two pillow cases included) for $10, according to Kathleen McGuire, PhD. It is comfortable and it doesn't make me look like a humungous freak/monk. I just want everyone who reads this article to keep me in mind when they consider buying the Slankey.

Claudia said...

The Slanket is cheaper.

I just ordered a Snuggie for $ 19.95. I was charged an additional $ 46.75 - $ 14.95 for "P & H' and $ 31.80 for shipping. So, in total $ 46.75 for having the "snuggie" sent to me, plus the price of the merchandise.
Total amount charged to my card: $ 66.70.

There was no warning, no announcement. The charges appeared after the order had been posted.

Also, there is no name, no email, no telephone number, no address for this company anywhere on their website or their "order confirmation".

I called their 1-800 number and an automated answering service announced that they are actually backordered and can deliver at the earliest in four weeks.

So, yes: The slanket is better!

ConsultNerd said...

A lot of people are probably ordering the Snuggie for Christmas Presents, but they DON'T HAVE ANY!!


What a SCAM!!!

And their 800# (1-800-566-2888)
does not allow you to talk to a person, you are supposed to be able to hit "1" and get an operator, but it just disconnects you!!!

Want to give their address to your Lawyer?
P.O. Box 3179
Wallingford CT 06494

NixonPgh said...

I had ordered the slanket with no problems whatsoever for my wife. I wanted to order something cheaper for my mom so I tried the snuggie 2for1 offer.

I experienced the same scam as noted above. They wanted to charge me shipping/handling for each of the 4 items (2 snuggies & 2 lights) in addition to charging me a discounted 15.95 for the second snuggie that should have been free.

All these charges went through before they showed me what I was going to pay for the 2nd item or shipping.

Their customer service said the 4-6 week delay in shipping and never answered to a live person. I made sure my card was cancelled before the chare posted (they say you won't be billed till shipped.


Anonymous said...

I'll add my Snuggie rip off story. I ordered mine December 9, 2008, knowing about the long shipping time. On January 17, I received a confirmation that it had shipped on the 16th with a UPS tracking number. I checked the tracking number immediately, and it showed only that billing information had been received, which is not unusual so I didn't think anything about it. About a week later, no Snuggie, same thing on the tracking. I wasn't in a hurry for it, it was for an upcoming gift, so I didn't worry about it. Finally, on February 4th, when I hadn't received it and it still showed only that billing information had been received, I called. First number was all automated, gave me the tracking number, and referred me to another number. I called that number, spoke to a Renton, who would only tell me that it shows to have shipped on January 15th (the date he gave was different that the confirmation email). I explained to him that it showed no movement, I hadn't received it, and that it seems to have not shipped, he just repeated that it shows to have been shipped on January 15th. I asked who could check on it to confirm that, he said no one could. I asked to speak to a supervisor, he said I couldn't, they were 'in a meeting or helping other associates'. I asked which it was, in a meeting or helping someone else, he didn't know. I asked to hold, he said I couldn't. He offered to redo the order or cancel the order. I asked how soon it could ship, he said two weeks, I said I wanted to cancel. However, they would only refund the $19.95 product cost, NOT the $15.90 shipping, EVEN THOUGH IT NEVER SHIPPED, saying they don't refund shipping and handling costs. Still, he refused to let me speak to a supervisor, saying the supervisor would tell me the same. Finally, he said that if I didn't receive it within 24 hours, I could call back and get a full refund, though he couldn't/wouldn't tell me who authorized that so I could ask for them when calling back, so I suspect this was his way of getting me off the phone so I could be someone else's problem tomorrow. In the end I just told him I was going to take it up with my credit card company and find anywhere and everywhere I could to let people know if my experience with them. I would have been perfectly happy to just find out what the hold up was and receive the item in a week, or just get a full refund, but that didn’t happen.

haseeb said...

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Herr Jones said...

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