Friday, October 31, 2008

Add Pasta back into the mix

Here is another new product I want to share. This one I had to order through the mail, and you can't buy just one bag, so I was worried I'd end up with $20 of pasta that I couldn't eat. I shouldn't have worried!

Fiber Gourmet's claim that they make delicious high fibre, low calorie pasta that tastes as good as ordinary pasta is completely true. I ordered two flavors and so far we have only tried the Whole Wheat Fettuchini. At only 130 calories for a normal serving size and with 18g of fibre, it is exactly what I was looking for to be able to eat pasta more often. The key element was would it really taste just like normal pasta or would it be tough and chewy as many whole wheat pastas are. I have eaten it twice and both times I felt that it needed a couple of minutes more cooking time that stated on the package, but the taste was exactly the same and my husband who isn't watching calories, said he had no idea it was "special" pasta.

For those of you on Weight Watchers, this is a welcome new product. Now you can have pasta that is only 2 points instead of 4 for a normal serving size. Add some low fat sauce and a tablespoon of shredded parmesan sprinkled on top and you have a delicious, filling main dish for only 4 points!

If you are interested in learning more, check out their website.

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