Sunday, November 29, 2009

SleepPhones - I hope they work

Today while listening to the Grammar Girl podcast, I learned about SleepPhones. These headphones are designed to wear in bed so you can listen to music/podcasts/books/sounds/etc to help you get to sleep.

I will probably use them for those nights when my husband wants to sleep and I am not ready yet. I can listen to music, etc while reading and not have to wear my ear buds. However, after viewing them on the website, I see another use that no one has mentioned: to use in the winter while walking. My ears always get cold when I walk and wearing a hat has been uncomfortable with my ear buds. This seems like it would solve the problem.

Has anyone out there actually tried them? Is the sound quality as good as the website claims? Please post a comment if you have information to help me make up my mind. Thanks