Saturday, September 19, 2009

Who bought up all the pumpkin puree in Leesburg?

I have visitors coming to visit from Germany soon and today I wanted to make some traditional desserts to have prepared in the freezer for their visit. Since it is almost October, my plans included several pumpkin flavored items.

Today I have been to four different grocery stores in Leesburg in various parts of town and in every shop, the shelf space for the pumpkin puree is eerily empty. You can see where it should be, but nothing is there but a gaping space.

In one store, I asked someone who was stocking shelves if there was more and she said it would be in on Monday.

However, this is a very strange phenomenon. I cannot figure out why someone is going around town buying up all the pumpkin puree to be had. If you are the person who has invested your life savings in pumpkin, please post a comment on this blog and let me know, why you need so much pumpkin. Hopefully I will beat you to Target on Monday and manage to snag a few cans before you snap it all up!

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