Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sony Support is excellent

We returned from vacation recently with footage taken with our Sony Handycam DCR-HC48. Last year I was able to import the footage easily on both our Gateway PC and my laptop.

This year something was not working properly on the PC, so I wanted to import to my new laptop, a Sony Vaio with Vista 64bit. The camera manual said Vista 64bit does not support the USB connection and the I would need an iLink cable which I ordered.

When the cable arrived, each time I tried to import the footage, I got a blue-screen error and my laptop rebooted itself.

I tried poking around on the Sony support site, but could not find any FAQs for this problem. I decided to send Sony and email. This was on a Saturday. In 9 minutes I had a reply from Sony with a solution that was easily understandable and doable. Apparently the Magic-i visual effects software on the PC (for the webcam) needed to be updated.

Five minutes after receiving the email and a mere 14 minutes after sending the email, I was happily importing the footage! I wish all support groups were this helpful. Thanks Sony!

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