Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Peanut Butter Lover's dream come true

Peanut butter is a real comfort food for many Americans, but if you are watching your calories, you are also aware that peanut butter isn't very diet-friendly. The peanuts are good for you, but the fat and calories can add up quickly. Weight Watchers know that 2 tablespoons add up to 4 points.

Well if you watch your calories and you love peanut butter, you now have a solution! It is called Better'n Peanut Butter and it has only 100 calories, 2.5 grams of fat and for weight watchers, the points are cut in half.

It comes in 3 varieties but I have only been able to find one in my local store - original flavor. I did my taste test last night and I am happy to report it is delicious. I can't say that it would fool me in a blind taste test, but it tastes very much like the real thing and texture is the same as natural peanut butter without the separation that you get with natural. I am very satisfied and thrilled to add peanut butter back into my diet.

It is also worth noting that the ingredients are natural and it is made with peanuts so it will be no help to those with allergies. I am hoping to find the Chocolate version someday.

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